Boring by Air Missile
Installations up to 50 ft. at one time without excavation
air missile
Air missiles or pneumatic boring, are tools approximately 4 ft. in length and 3 in. in diameter, that are air actuated, allowing it to hammer itself underground from boring pit to receiving pit. Each pit is generally 25 ft. to 50 ft. apart. This method is highly effective within flat, shorter distances. Excavations are necessary to locate and redirect the missile at strategic points. The excavated soil is placed on ground covers such as tarps or plywood, as not to disrupt surrounding areas. When excavations are strategically placed, as in lawns or planted areas, the back filled excavations are least noticeable. Boring by air missile has limited capabilities within extended distances, for it does not have steering capabilities. For extended distances, steep embankments, high water table areas and or sandy soil conditions, Suffolk Water Connections recommends utilizing an alternate method for the installation such as; horizontal directional drilling, otherwise known as HDD, or the traditional method of open dig trenching.

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